kombucha green tea: exploring yogi teas

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce that Simple Pairings is collaborating with Yogi Tea. I’ve loved their tea and the brand itself for awhile now, so I’m thrilled to feature Yogi on my blog. They stand for elevating well-being and health through high-quality and organic teas – what better brand philosophy to bring to Simple Pairings? Check out their interesting background here.

yogi kombucha green teayogi kombucha green teayogi words of wisdomyogi words of wisdom

One of my favorite things about every cup of Yogi tea is that at the end of each tea bag’s string, there is a short note of positivity or wisdom to reflect on as you take that first sip. In today’s busy world, I find myself needing to carve out time to meditate. Yogi presents that opportunity with each cup of tea – a relaxing, inspiring, and calming moment that is welcomed each and every time. Today I’m highlighting Yogi’s Kombucha Green Tea. This blend is well balanced with organic green tea and subtle tropical notes of passion fruit and plum. With a touch of lemongrass and spearmint, this tea is both inviting and relaxing. You can find it here.

yogi kombucha green teayogi kombucha green teayogi kombucha green tea


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17 thoughts on “kombucha green tea: exploring yogi teas

    • I do too – one of my favorite parts about them, actually. Great to meet another fan of their brand! Leave it to Yogi to make an already relaxing experience like sipping tea even more soothing, yes? :)

    • Thanks so much, Prudy! It makes me so happy to have others share in my excitement. Hope you enjoy them – Yogi has some really great blends. I’ll be featuring a few on my blog in the future, too – so stay tuned!

  1. I love trying out new flavors of tea and I’m so intrigued to try this kombucha green tea – it sounds wonderful and I love the positive notes on each tea bag :)

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