an afternoon on the waterfront

There is something so unbelievably serene about the waterfront, the calming waves lapping at the sides of old, wooden docks; the sun reflecting off the water’s surface and glittering its rays into the seemingly endless blue horizon. With a slight breeze and a warmth in the air, the waterfront has always been one of my happy places – and one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon enjoying fabulous food, drinks, and company. Here’s a peek at a recent afternoon I spent soaking up some of the springtime sun marina-style.

A stunningly beautiful corner of the marina. Such a fabulous view to begin an afternoon! The waterfront has an intriguing way of weaving both the feelings of calm and excitement into one seamless sensation.

Starting the day with wonderful company and a refreshing mojito. I’ve increasingly become less partial to sweeter drinks, but it’s now at the point where I prefer my mojitos unsweetened. The mint and lime provide such great flavor on their own! Besides, I’d rather save my sweet tooth for what was coming later that day…

Crunchy coconut-crusted shrimp with chili-citrus dipping sauce. Light, crispy, and tropical, these shrimp were a perfect bite to accompany my mojito. A bit of crushed red pepper flakes in the sauce made for a welcomed heat throughout the dish.

Fresh oysters – the catch of the day. I love them in any way I can get them – steamed, broiled, even raw and in a shooter. The different varieties were fascinating – the most interesting being the ‘Forbidden’ oyster. If only the names explained their histories, as well!

Mussels in a garlic and herb white wine broth at one my most favorite Italian restaurants in the entire world. Oh, and completely devoured escargot in the background. Fresh and well-herbed, it was a light yet incredibly satisfying dish. So lovely after an afternoon in the sunshine.

To finish, two lovely desserts – Double Chocolate Mousse Flour-less Cake and Limoncello-Filled Gelato, with cappuccinos, of course. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what it is all about. Italians do dessert so well. I have a strong affinity for the style of Italian desserts – I love the richness and bold flavors they incorporate without overloading them with sugar. These two picks – one rich and chocolatey, the other fresh and zingy, were two delicious spoonfuls to alternate between as the cappuccinos slowly disappeared.

Beautiful marina art. I love the colors, the emotions, and the thoughts that are inspired by the open waters.
Do any of you share in the love for the waterfront, the waves, and the sunshine?


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22 thoughts on “an afternoon on the waterfront

  1. Your descriptions are so vivid and relaxing. I feel as if I was there. Your photography is beautiful! A good cook not only knows how to prepare, but where to go on the “day off” from the kitchen.

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