fresh green juice

fresh green juice

Fresh juice has become something that I’ve really become quite passionate about. It’s a delightful way to incorporate fresh, wholesome, and incredibly nutritious fruits and vegetables into your day. I find it to be one of the most delicious ways to enjoy raw produce, too. Just one glass of fresh juice is a wonderful addition to your daily diet. Because pure fruit juice is high in sugar, I typically balance out my juices with a decent amount of vegetables. My favorite go-to blend is fresh green juice.


So I’ll be honest – I love vegetables, but I can’t quite get to the point where I’m snacking on handfuls of raw spinach and kale. Neither can you? Rest easily – fresh juice made from these greens is heavenly. Blended with the sweetness of fresh apple juice and the brightness of lemon juice, the greens shine so beautifully. It’s a juice so delicious that I can’t get enough of it! I find myself rationing batches of fresh juice throughout the day because I know once it’s gone, I’ll be disappointed. It’s so refreshing, so fruity, a bit tart – all things I adore. [Note that if tartness isn't a flavor you cherish as much as I do, you can certainly scale back on the lemon. I find the lemon to add a 'green lemonade' effect - which makes me love it even more.]


Juicing is really gaining popularity – you can now find several bottled juices at your local supermarkets. It’s much more affordable to make your own at home, though. There are two types of juicers – centrifugal and masticating. Both have their advantages, but I find centrifugal juicers much more practical. I’ve used both, and to be quite honest, the masticating juicers are so tremendously arduous to use and clean, that I find them to be not worth the effort. I am much happier with my centrifugal juicer. If you’re looking for a juicer, a great place to start is this one. It’s incredibly quick to juice with, it’s easy to use, and it’s a cinch to clean. It’s a high quality appliance and an affordable entry into the world of juicing. Thanks to inspiration from Lora Krulak, I’m now totally in love with juicing, so now it’s my turn to share the inspiration. Try it – you might become just as fond of juicing, too!

fresh green juice


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fresh green juice

Invigorating and slightly tart, this is my favorite drink. It instantly energizes me and provides incredible nutritional benefits. Dial up or down on the apples and lemons, depending on how sweet and tart you prefer your juice to be.

Serves 2

Juice the following:

1/2 bunch kale
1 small bunch swiss chard (about 5 stalks and their leaves)
3 stalks celery
1 large cucumber
2-3 apples, depending on the level of sweetness desired

Add the juice of 1-2 small lemons (depending on how tart you like your juice,) stir, and enjoy immediately.

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37 thoughts on “fresh green juice

  1. I love the color, the ingredients and how very healthy this looks. Thank God for apples! Added to vega they make it all more rounded in flavor. Photos so bright and cheerful on this chilly day in Nashville!

    • Thank you, Teresa – such a kind comment to leave for me! The apples provide such a mild sweetness to counter the greens. It’s such a lovely drink. Sending some brightness your way :)

      • I just did it! I’m drinking it now! I love the lemon flavor. I use a Nutri Bullet. Today it’s kale, banana, mixed berries, frozen apple slices, frozen grapes and hemp seeds PLUS half a lemon (juice) and water.

      • Ah, so glad you’re enjoying this Susan! I go a bit crazy with the lemon because I love it so much. Banana and berries are such great flavors to use. I need to experiment more with hemp seeds – do they affect the taste much or do they essentially blend into the rest of the flavors undetected?

      • I don’t notice the hemp seeds, and I don’t know why I include them other than I imagine they’re good for you. How’s that for scientific? Also, they sound cool and slightly illegal :)

  2. What a wonderful color! I did a 2 weeks juice fast a few months ago and my juicer was really precious. On the other hand green juices are not my cup of tea. I enjoy a few but most of them are really hard to swallow to me. I tried all the possible combinations I could think of, but niet…:(

    • That’s why I really like this one, Lauzan – the lemon and apple are predominant flavors. The greens just provide color and nutrition – their flavor is very much in the background, I think.

  3. This is a very good blend! I love apples with greens and when you are in the middle of a juice fast there is nothing better than some flavor like the lemon provides! We were so fortunate to receive a commercial grade Champion juicer from my husbands mom. It’s one of my most prized possessions. I with you on juicing!

    • A commercial grade juicer is what dreams are made of, isn’t it? It makes me so happy to find so many juicing fans after writing this post. :)

      • I’ve never done a fast but really would like to. It’s amazing how all the nutrients you really need are in the produce around you if you do your research and vary your ingredients. Perhaps I’ll do a 3-day soon – just need to buy some more bottles so they’re at the ready for me!

    • Thank you! I’ve wanted a juicer for a long time, and I just recently added one to my kitchen. It’s been one of my favorite investments!

  4. I don’t have a juicer but I usually make green smoothies. I love the sound of everything in this green juice – such a gorgeous and bright green color too – yum :)

    • Thanks Kelly! Green smoothies are fabulous, too. I’m on a big juice kick right now, but I’m sure I’ll return to smoothies now that it’s getting a bit warmer out. :)

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